Delete User from a Site Collection

Adding new users to SP Permission groups is easy. But what happens when a user leaves a company? Typically there is a process in place that removes the user from the active directory (AD). That does not mean, though, that the user gets automatically removed from a Site Collection.

I have heard SP Experts talk about a PowerShell script to do the task, but without having that option, the following steps will remove a user from the entire Site Collection:

  • Go to Site Setting / Site Permissions
  • Click on any existing permission group. Your url and header will look something like:



  • Delete the GroupID, in this case 6
  • Replace the 6 with 0

The url and header will now look something like:



  • Next select the user you need to delete
  • Select Actions
  • Select Delete User from Site Collection


Things to consider:

  • This works only one Site Collection at a time.
  • This process is manual, but quick and easy.
  • It helps to remove multiple users at the same time. I therefore recommend getting added to term tickets and do the process once a month.

2 thoughts on “Delete User from a Site Collection

  1. Great Post! Works like a charm. I normally do not like to remove orphaned users in bulk without digging into what those users may be associated with like workflow, permissions, etc. But this is great for one-offs, especially removing contractors quickly.


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