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Editing the Color of a Task Bar on the Task Timeline

The task timeline is a new feature in SP2013 and is automatically displayed on the page when creating a new task list. Once a task is created it can be added to the timeline.

By default the task bars have the same color:


Wouldn’t it be cool to distinguish the tasks by color? No problem, it’s really easy.

On the page (without editing the page) select one of the task bars. It will activate the Timeline tab on the ribbon.


Then use the Options in the Font area to edit not only the color of the task bar, but also the color, font, font size of the task name.


This is how it could look like:


A few items to keep in mind:

  • Changing the color is obviously a manual task. If the color is supposed to correspond with a column, such as status, don’t forget to change the color when the status changes
  • Be gentle on the eye when selecting colors
  • Too many different colors may be confusing to the audience
  • On the other hand, related tasks could be painted with the same color